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Standaard€ 7,50
Studenten & Vrienden van Het Nieuwe Instituut€ 3,75

This workshop aims to enrich the participants’ perspective on creative entrepreneurship and city development. Participants will collectively go through the creation process of a comprehensive concept of what would be the most entrepreneurial and creative city on earth. Which general conditions does this city need? And what role would governments, business incubators, investors and educational institutions have to play?

Coordinator of the workshop is Leo van Loon, director of Popvox.

ASEM networking programme

The workshop comprises part of a networking programme hosted by Het Nieuwe Instituut in conjunction with the sixth Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM), a summit for 50 culture ministers from the two continents. The summit focuses on the creative industry and takes place in Rotterdam from 19 through 21 October, in parallel with the workshops.

The closed workshops will provide 40 creative entrepreneurs with an opportunity to forge contacts and exchange knowledge and experiences. They will also assemble a list of recommended agenda items for ASEM based on real-life experience with issues they believe need government attention. Read more

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