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Standaard€ 7,50
Studenten & Vrienden van Het Nieuwe Instituut€ 3,75

The proliferation of smart devices and the rise of “the Internet of things” are increasingly connecting the physical realm to the virtual one. All over the world, city leaders are exploring and deploying these technologies in an effort to cope with the great challenges cities will face in the coming decades in areas such as mobility, sustainability and health care. This workshop will take a human-centred approach to the subject, focusing on how smart technologies can be used in combination with creative design and game design to create meaningful urban experiences for citizens.

Coordinator of the workshop is Jeroen van Mastrigt-Ide, who heads the Playful City R&D program at the Freedomlab Campus. He is founder of We LoveYourWork, a consultancy agency that helps organizations with the application of game design thinking & game technology to create meaningful experiences and services. Van Mastrigt-Ideholds a fellowship at the Utrecht School of the Arts, is chairman of the Dutch Game Garden (an incubation program involving over 40 game companies) and advisor to the Dutch 'Gamefund', a fund that stimulates the emergence of artistic games.

ASEM networking programme

The workshop comprises part of a networking programme hosted by Het Nieuwe Instituut in conjunction with the sixth Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM), a summit for 50 culture ministers from the two continents. The summit focuses on the creative industry and takes place in Rotterdam from 19 through 21 October, in parallel with the workshops.

The closed workshops will provide 40 creative entrepreneurs with an opportunity to forge contacts and exchange knowledge and experiences. They will also assemble a list of recommended agenda items for ASEM based on real-life experience with issues they believe need government attention. Read more

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